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A Welcome Message for 6th Grade Families from the ARMS PGO

Published on 2019-03-05 by Farah Ameen Uncategorized

Hello! We are looking forward to your families joining ARMS in the fall, and wanted to share information about volunteer activities organized by the Amherst Regional Middle School (ARMS) Parent Guardian Organization. We hope you will consider getting involved.

Our current year activities have included:

  •         Welcome picnic and ice cream social
  •         Educational grants to teachers, staff and student clubs
  •         Team Parents/Weekly blog
  •         Winter Carnival
  •         ARMS Educator Award
  •         Annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon
  •         Online ARMS gear store and fundraising activities
  •         8th grade end-of-year activities

If you would like to be added to our interested volunteer list for 2019-20, or have a specific interest, please email us at

ARMS PGO Co-chairs,

Jeff Lee

Suzanne Schilling

Rie Traub

Find more info about the ARMS PGO on our blog and Facebook.

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