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Published on 2019-03-21 by Farah Ameen Uncategorized

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AEF gives approximately $30,000 in grants to our public schools every year. We are seeking Board members who are dedicated to our mission of supporting our regional public schools in providing a challenging and enriching educational experience that maximizes the learning potential of every student and prepares them to succeed in the 21st century.

AEF’s all volunteer Board of Directors accomplishes this by:

  • Providing financial support to educators and administrators by funding grants that benefit the students in our schools
  • Fundraising throughout the community
  • Holding community events, including the Trivia Bee and a Spring Party
  • Educating the community about issues integral to public education

This is where you come in!  AEF is run by a volunteer Board that meets monthly during the school year. Board members volunteer for projects and work independently throughout the month at their convenience.

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