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ARHS Students Seeking AAPI Video Participants

Published on 2021-04-25 by crockerfarmpgo Community News

ARHS students Addy Lepak, McKenzie Fitz, Monica Cage, Petua Mukimba, Phoenix Ferreira Ford, Fatma Abdel Maksoud, and Talvin Dhingra are in the process of creating a video focusing on AAPI voices, their experiences in the community, and how we can change for the better. Their goals for this video are to highlight forms of prejudice and racism, uplift AAPI voices, and show support to our Asian American peers. They are in need of willing AAPI participants of all ages and genders to be interviewed for their project.

Please contact Addy Lepak at if you’re interested in being interviewed or have further questions. Thank you for helping these ARHS students with this important project!

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