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ARPS PGO UMACC Donations: Effortless Fundraising

Published on 2019-01-29 by Farah Ameen Uncategorized

If you work at UMass, here’s an easy way to make a contribution to the Crocker Farm PGO: 

The UMass-Amherst Community Campaign (UMACC) program lets UMass employees donate to charitable organizations via paycheck, as little as $1 per pay period.
This year’s UMACC campaign is ending soon.  The last day to sign up to donate is January 31t.

The Amherst Regional Public Schools PGO (ARPS PGO), is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization consisting of the PGOs for Crocker Farm, Wildwood, the Amherst Middle School, & the Amherst High School. The APRS PGO’s UMACC number is 15250.

UMass employees can sign up with their UMass NetID at

Please consider signing up today and giving to the ARPS PGO of your choice. Every donation to the PGOs makes a big difference in helping our schools. The UMACC program makes it very easy to give. Here are the top 10 reasons for giving through UMACC:

Thank you for your support.

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