Grade Parents

Grade Parents

Grade parents work with their child’s teachers and the PGO. Grade parents might help a classroom with a project, assist with communications between parents, and wrangle volunteers. In the last couple of years, grade parents have been responsible for helping organize events specific to their grade (see below).

However, this year is different, so we are looking for grade parents to help families stay in touch, organize Covid-safe playdates/get togethers, and occasionally help the PGO deliver school supplies to families without access to transportation. We welcome help from ANY parent or guardian who would like to join in! If you would like to volunteer as a grade parent or in another capacity, email us at

2019-2020 Grade Parent Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Kindergarten and First Grade: Winter Coat and Clothing Drive (November)
  • Second and Third Grades: Staff Appreciation Event (April)
  • Fourth and Fifth Grade: Book Swap (May)
  • Fifth Grade: Senior Supper (June), Sixth Grade Graduation Breakfast (June)
  • Sixth Grade: Yearbook (yearlong), 6th Grade Class Trip (May/June), Graduation Ceremony (June)

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