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COVID Conversation With Health Experts

Published on 2021-05-23 by crockerfarmpgo Community News

On Thursday evening, a group of health experts, including Dr. Lauren Westafer, Dr. Khama Ennis, Dr. Peter Everett, Dr. Bill Soares and Dr. Estevan Garcia, joined Representative Mindy Domb and Superintendent Mike Morris for an hour-long information session regarding facts about the COVID vaccine.  The topics covered included the safety of vaccines for pregnant women, whether there is a risk of children developing MIS-C after being vaccinated, the immune response to the vaccine in adolescents, the risk level for unvaccinated children under 12, the risk level of the vaccine to pubescent girls, and more. 

It was an extremely engaging and informative presentation and discussion that addressed questions members of the ARPS community submitted prior to, and during, the event.  For anyone with lingering questions or concerns about COVID vaccines, it is a valuable way to have them addressed by medical experts.  The full session is available for viewing on YouTube here.

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