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Crocker Farm PGO Budget 2019-2020

Published on 2019-10-07 by crockerfarmpgo Uncategorized

Wondering how much the PGO has to raise this year? What does PGO spending look like? Take a look at our budget for the academic year 2019-2020.

The administrative, logistic, scheduling, and financial responsibilities of the Crocker Farm PGO are managed by two Co-Chairs and a Treasurer. Other members of the PGO community, which includes ALL parents and guardians, provide leadership and volunteer support.

Guide posts for the 2019-2020 budget are largely aimed at (1) equity across grades and classrooms, and (2) managing expectations for future years. Because the PGO does not currently have a system by which Crocker Farm families vote on the budget, these parameters ensure that budget decisions are not guided by value judgements or relationships.

The majority of the budget is dedicated to teacher, classroom, and specialist/departmental support. Every teacher and classroom has the same amount available in the form of stipends and mini-grants, benefitting all students at Crocker Farm. Grade teachers, reading and math specialists, ELL specialists, the nurse, and the specials (art/music/technology/physical education/library) all receive this financial support. PGO classroom funds are earmarked for instructional items, resources and activities that strengthen academic foundations and experiences.

The next largest bucket of PGO funding and time is dedicated to events that bring us together as a community, including the Welcome Back Picnic, Math Night, Science Night, Warm Up Soup Night, Staff Appreciation Event, Coffees with the Principal, Crocker Culture, Ice Cream at Field Day and more.

Because fundraising is imperfect and inconsistent, we want to keep the essential budget streamlined and manage expectations about funds that will be available in future years.

The PGO has received requests this year for support that are outside of one or more of these guide posts, and we have been consistent about sticking to the boundaries of the funding available for each class or event, even when the request was compelling. Even when the PGO is not able to fund a request, often we can help find the resources needed.

This year we are in the fortunate position of having additional resources to work with, thanks to exceptional 2018-2019 fundraising. The PGO will meet first with the Crocker Farm administration to get their input on how these funds could be used for a purchase or program to benefit the whole school. We will also reach out to the community as well. Our goal is to facilitate a decision in the next few months so that the investment can happen in the second half of this year.

We encourage you to reach out with questions, and to share your observations and ideas.

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