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Donations for Laurie Velozo

Published on 2019-04-10 by Farah Ameen Uncategorized

Dear Crocker Farm Community,

Do you know that the house of our kids’ bus driver – Laurie Velozo –burned down about three weeks ago? Although the external walls are still standing, the interior of her home has been destroyed by the flames of a chimney-generated fire. Laurie lives with her husband, her son, and her four grandchildren; ages ranging between ten and nineteen years old. So far they have been helped by the Red Cross, but the younger kids are still sleeping on air mattresses. They are looking for a new place to rent for a few months while their house is rebuilt.

Laurie is one of those rare and very special persons who keep smiling everyday even when our kids give her a hard time. She has been back at work this week after going through the horrible trauma of losing all her belongings with the same wonderful and sweet disposition.

We thought about spreading the news to try to collect some help for her and her family in the form of money gift certificates, or by letting her, and her husband Gary (413) 237-7680, know if you have a piece of furniture, or other home items, or toys that they can use. Ms. Aldrich at Crocker Farm School is collecting money donations.

Caterina Cianciulli
Rick Morton
Parents of Alex
5th grader (Ms. Donovan Class)

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