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El gran gusto tradicional Argentino en

Published on 2017-09-22 by Farah Ameen Community News

As a traditional mom, I’ve always cooked for my family on the steps of my mother’s & grandmother’s fine cooking. The joyful detail and time my mother adds to every step of the product selection and preparation, and the real wholesome cooking experience was always a fascinating adventure for me—a very tasty journey for a little girl.

Now I make some traditional specialties from my homeland, cater special events, and offer services as a personal chef! Give in to temptation:

  • Empanadas caseras de pollo, res , verduras • Tartas y arrollados de dulce de leche • Pastelitos dulces y mate

To order, please email; 5% of the proceeds from orders placed in October will go to the Crocker Farm PGO.

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