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Fall Youth Field Hockey Program (ALL NEW!)

Published on 2019-05-14 by Farah Ameen Uncategorized

  • UMass will be offering a new youth fall field hockey program!  The Mini Minutes program was so successful in the first two seasons (reaching capacity this spring at 120!) that UMass wanted to keep that momentum going and offer additional opportunities for young players to continue learning and playing field hockey in Amherst.  Following are the basics of the program. The Saturday playday/scrimmage days are still being worked out, so that is TBD.  In the meantime, if you are interested in participating, please submit the Interest form below (this is not an official registration form—another one will be sent out once exact details are set).
  • 2019 WMASS HKY Fall Youth Field Hockey Program
    at UMASS’ Field Hockey Turf Field (Amherst, MA)
    Tentative Program Outline
    • 9 Wednesday training sessions (Sept. 4th – October 30th)
    • 5:30-7pm (youngest age-group may be slightly shorter)
    • Coached by the UMASS Field Hockey Players and Coaches
    • plus 2-4 Saturday “playdays/scrimmage days”- we are trying to coordinate with some local organizations/teams to come to UMASS so the players have an opportunity to have some game-play experience
    • last Wednesday session would be a fun pizza party, competition day
    • 4 age groups (tentative breakdown): boys and girls- K-2nd grade, 3rd & 4th grade, 5th & 6th grade, 7th & 8th grade
    • We would invite and recognize the players at a Fall home UMASS field hockey game!
    • All players will get a reversible jersey
    • Cost/player: $150

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