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Passive Fundraising…Our Favorite Way to Make Money!!!

Published on 2017-09-14 by Farah Ameen Uncategorized

Please consider registering your Stop and Shop card with the A+ rewards program!

Stop and Shop will donate a percent of grocery purchases made by families that register for this program to our school. Crocker Farm’s program ID: 05194.  Sign up at your local Stop and Shop store or online by following the instructions under the “How can I support my school” tab on the page here:

Right now there are only 67 cards registered for Crocker Farm. Amherst Regional High School has over 2,000 (that’s right 2,000) registered cards, and they get thousands of dollars a year. We can do better than 67 families!!! Let’s see if we can get to 100 registered cards this year.

The beauty of this is all you have to do is go online, register your card, shop, and show your card at checkout. Registration takes less than 5 minutes, and then you can say that you’ve helped with a school fundraiser. 🙂 You can also ask friends and relatives to register their cards.  

To maximize the money that Crocker Farm gets, please sign up before October 6!

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