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PGO Meeting: Big Ideas

Published on 2020-01-15 by crockerfarmpgo Uncategorized

Thanks to your generous support of the Crocker Farm PGO in 2018 and 2019, we have sufficient funds ($12,000) to support one or more Big Ideas. This is a chance to go beyond the core events and support that the PGO typically funds, and to make a bigger contribution to Crocker Farm. For more background information, please read our budget statement here:

The PGO has met with Crocker administration to brainstorm Big Ideas in two main areas of opportunity, which are detailed below. Since the PGO includes ALL Crocker Farm families, we need YOUR help to decide how to use these funds. You can contribute in several ways:
1. Review the Big Ideas below and tell us what you are most excited about by sending an email to
2. Come to the PGO meeting on February 3rd at 6:30pm in the Cafeteria to discuss the Big Ideas in more detail with the PGO, Mr. Shea and Ms. Smith.
3. Make one more donation to from now through February 1st to add to the fund. Or, drop a check off in the PGO box in the front office, with “Big Idea” in the check notes.
4. VOTE on which Big Ideas to fund (details to follow later in February).

Thank you!

Big Ideas Summary: Two rules for the Big Ideas are (1) we aim to go beyond curricular materials and basic supplies that are already covered by the PGO teacher stipends and classroom mini-grants, and (2) we aim to go beyond maintenance and repair work funded by the school district. 

Big Ideas Opportunity #1 – Improve School Infrastructure

Use PGO funds to improve indoor and outdoor features of the school, above and beyond what is possible with existing district funding. This may include: *Purchasing fire retardant paper and stickers that can be used to decorate doorways in compliance with new fire safety regulations. *Add new features and activities to the play areas, provide structure for kids during outdoor recess, such as: soccer goals, a backstop for a kickball/baseball, a giant outdoor chess set, a Gaga Ball Pit. *Add features to the indoor environment that contribute to social-emotional learning and mindfulness, such as Sensory Path stickers for hallways: “A sensory path is an evidence-based, colorful, creative and playful way for kids to improve motor planning, fundamental motor skills, and build stronger sensory connections in the brain that are responsible for sight, touch, sound, balance, proprioception etc., which enable kids to complete complex, multi-stage tasks.” *Improve the inner and outer front door area by adding tile to the columns, installing a welcome sign and/or other art. *Re-design the lounge area next to the art room to be more welcoming for families to talk together and with staff.

Big Ideas Opportunity #2 – Dedicated Social Justice and Equity FundSet up a three-year PGO fund that can be used to support MLK Day celebrations and the ongoing work of the Social Justice Committee. This may include: *Purchasing food and materials and supporting speakers and events around MLK Day. *Supporting implementation and follow through on a school based action plan, aligned to district-wide goals specific to social justice education, for expanding equity and inclusion to the full Crocker Farm community. *Purchasing library and classroom materials, purchasing training materials that can be used to on-board new staff. *Funding events to bring the Crocker community together around the work of the Social Justice Committee. *Funding continued consultant support for strategic planning and implementation of the Teaching Tolerance Anti-Bias Framework and Equity Literacy Framework.

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