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Real World Math Class for Elementary, Middle & High School Students

Published on 2020-09-20 by crockerfarmpgo Uncategorized

LSSE is offering a class on the basics of everyday real world math, as well as the basics of starting and running a profitable business with fun real world class exercises and projects. Areas to cover will include business investment, profitability, break-even point, business budgets.

Other topics include banks functions and purpose, interest (simple and compound), measurements including metric system using real work cooking examples. Classes will discuss budgeting; why it is important and how to live easily within budgets by incorporating real world projects. They will also discuss the topic of taxes, why they are deducted from paychecks, where do taxes go and what they are used for. Additional topics may be covered based on interests of the groups.

Classes run from September 23 to October 28, and are available for fifth and sixth grade students as well as middle and high school students. Click here for more information and to register.

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