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Snacks, Sanitizers, Wipes Drive for Classrooms

Published on 2021-05-16 by crockerfarmpgo School News

Dear Crocker Farm Families,

The PGO—supported by your generous donations over the year—hosted a Snacks/Treats/Beverages Station for our teachers and staff to welcome them back after the break (gift cards were also sent to our teachers who are part of the remote-learning team). Thank you to Ms. Aldrich for purchasing items and organizing everything.

Thank you for your support. If you’re interested in donating (single-serve) snacks, sanitizers, wipes, etc. to the school to help supplement classroom supplies. In the past, families have sent in snacks and treats for their child’s classroom. Since we can’t do that in-person this year, Ms. Aldrich will set up a box for families to drop off supplies—or you can send stuff directly to the classroom. This is just a suggestion.

Thank you!
Crocker Farm PGO

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