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Summer Garden Volunteers Needed

Published on 2017-06-08 by Farah Ameen Uncategorized

(Green thumb not essential!)

As you all know, Crocker Farm had Spring Planting Day a few weeks ago. A big shout-out to Jennifer Reese and Brookfield Farm’s educator Leila Tunnell for helping our children plant salad vegetables and herbs, some of which families got to sample last week.

Jennifer is helping grow a second wave of crops through the summer. We would like to invite families to help tend to the gardens this summer. A half-hour training sessions will be held Saturday, June 17, at 10:45 a.m. at the CF school garden. 

Ideally, two families will sign up for each week of the summer. The “work” is fun and kid-friendly. Those who help care for the gardens are welcome to the crops as they become ready. Our color-coded system shows whether a crop can be harvested freely, harvested conservatively, or needs to be left as is.

Please contact Jennifer for more information, or sign up here.

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