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Superintendent Screening Committee Representative Request

Published on 2017-02-18 by crockerfarmpgo School News

Superintendent Screening Committee Representative Request


The Amherst Regional School District is beginning its search for a new superintendent of schools.  A Screening Committee is being formed to support this search process, and the PGOs representing secondary and elementary schools are being asked to select two parent/guardian representatives to serve on this committee.


Selected representatives must be available to meet for one or two organizational meetings during the week of March 20; the same individuals must also be available during the week of March 27 to participate in confidential interviews of the semi-finalist candidates. Many of these meetings are likely to occur during the workday.  It is unclear at this time how many interviews will be conducted, but each will last approximately one hour.  Based on past experience, we seek volunteers who will be available during business hours and in the evenings on multiple days.  


The initial proposal from the District and the School Committee called for one PGO member to represent the elementary schools and one to represent the secondary schools.  PGO board members from the three Amherst elementary schools met to discuss the selection process, and worked together to propose a change in the Screening Committee structure to allow for two PGO representatives from the elementary schools.  Given the questions about elementary school configuration currently being considered in our town, the PGOs wanted to make sure that multiple viewpoints are represented.


Each Amherst elementary school will select two candidates, and the final two representatives will be selected at random from this pool. If you would like to be considered as a parent/guardian committee member please submit fill out this form by Wednesday, February 22nd.


Because the PGOs will select only two parent/guardian representatives, not all schools will have representatives on the screening committee.  No more than one member from each school will be allowed to serve. Other Screening Committee members will be drawn from the School Committee, building principals, educators, the School Equity Task Force, the Special Education Parent Advisory Council, the Family Center, and a community member from Amherst, Pelham, Leverett or Shutesbury who will be chosen at random.  


Hallie Hughes and Jessica Sidman

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