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Thank You & Have a Wonderful Summer

Published on 2021-06-27 by crockerfarmpgo School News

Dear Crocker Farm Families,

We hope your kids had a good last week at school. Congratulations to our Sixth Graders for graduating elementary school—we will miss you all (and your parents) in the halls/at pickup (once life goes back to “normal”). A big thank you to the grade parents who coordinated with the school to make sure our Sixth Graders had a memorable moving-on ceremony, a yearbook, and a picnic!

Thank you to all those who’ve donated during our fundraisers this year. We know it’s been a tough year financially for many families, so we have appreciated all you’ve done to help out our school. We raised around $10,000 in active and passive fundraisers during the 2020-21 school year! The PGO was able to spend almost $16,000 on our school—for masks, back-to-school gift bags for each child, book clubs, playground equipment, classroom supplies, and so much more. We were also able to supplement our Teacher/Staff Appreciation Fundraiser and give each teacher/staff member/custodian/para/cafeteria worker a $30 gift card to Atkins. (AND we have sufficient funds to kick-start PGO events in the Fall.)

A huge shout-out to all our parent volunteers (Hallie Hughes, Melissa Giraud, Paula Lima Jones, Lauren Mills, and many others…you know who you are) for helping in big and small ways.

What a year! Our teachers and staff did an amazing job making sure Crocker Farm students had a sense of “normal.” We love you all! Have a safe and wonderful summer…see you in the Fall!

Farah, Jenni & Lexi

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