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Town Library Services for Families

Published on 2020-12-05 by crockerfarmpgo Uncategorized

BOOKS!      BOOKS!       BOOKS!    

Are your children craving books that they can touch and hold? Are you and they tired of reading the same old books over and over again? Do they need a break from e-books during independent reading time? 

The Amherst Public Libraries can help!!!!

Although the libraries are not yet open to the public, many services are available to children and their families. You can borrow books online or over the phone and then pick them up outdoors at Jones Library (in town) or at Munson Memorial Library (in South Amherst). Home delivery of materials is available to families who find it difficult to get to the library.

You can also request a book bundle for your child. A Book Bundle is a set of five themed books selected by the Kids Room staff. Themes include age groups, picture books, fiction, nonfiction, and specific topics. New themes are created every week. Bundles of picture books are available in four languages besides English (Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese). You can request a book bundle for your child either by contacting the Children’s Department by phone (413-259-3091) or email ( or by visiting the library website. If you’d like to pick up your book bundle at Munson instead of Jones Library, please record your preference in the
comments section.

A big shout-out to the amazing staff at our public libraries—thank you!!!

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