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UMass Recess Study for Third and Fourth Graders

Published on 2018-01-09 by Farah Ameen Uncategorized

The UMass Pediatric Physical Activity Laboratory is looking for third and fourth graders to join the Smart Minds with Aerobic and Resistance Training during Recess (SMART Recess) Pilot Study! Children in either the third or fourth grade at Fort River School or Crocker Farm School in Amherst, MA, are invited to participate in an 18-week study.

This 18-week study includes three weeks for baseline measures, followed by a 15-week program.

 What you and your child will do:

-You will be asked to complete a brief demographic questionnaire.
-Before and at the end of the programs, your child will be asked to participate in some measures (i.e., height/weight, brief cognition tasks, fitness, and classroom behavior).
-Your child will be asked to wear a physical activity and a heart rate monitor at times throughout the study.

 Depending on which school your child attends, your child will either:

-Participate in a 15-week fitness program during school recess, -OR-
-Participate in a 15-week health and academic tracking program. (Note: this school will receive the fitness program after the study ends.)  

Visit to express your interest in the study by completing the interest form!

 Families can call the UMass Pediatric Physical Activity Laboratory at 413-545-6104 or send an email to with any questions.

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