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Violence Against Asian Americans: How Do We Support the Children? An EmbraceRace Conversation on March 24 @ 8:30 p.m. ET

Published on 2021-03-21 by crockerfarmpgo Community News

The murders of eight people at massage parlors in the Atlanta area, most of them Asian American and women, mark only the most awful, recent contribution to a year-long spike in anti-Asian American violence in the US. The STOP AAPI Hate received some 3,000 reports of assaults against Asian Americans between March and December 2020 alone, many of them targeting women and seniors.

Join EmbraceRace for a conversation—on Wednesday, March 24, @8:30 p.m. ET—about the resulting toll on Asian American people and communities and about how communities are pushing back. How are parents, family members, teachers and other caregivers supporting children at a time when physical safety is all but impossible to guarantee? How can the rest of us meaningfully support our Asian American family members, friends and neighbors?

Please bring your experiences, insights and questions as you join us for this important conversation. Register to join!

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