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Vote on the BIG IDEAS

Published on 2020-02-23 by crockerfarmpgo Uncategorized

Voting ends on Super Tuesday, March 3rd at 8pm.

Thanks to everyone who dropped us an email and attended the Big Ideas discussion. Given the positive feedback for both Big Ideas, we will split the $12,200 into two funds for Crocker Farm:

#1 The Infrastructure Fund will be used to make improvements to the indoor and outdoor school environments. This includes some combination of the following: brightening up interior doors and walls with paint and positive messages, creating a sensory path hallway, building a recess shed stocked with a variety of balls, jump ropes, and other fun recess activities, building a GaGa Ball Pit*, and purchasing soccer goals, a giant chess set, and/or a kickball backstop for the lower field.

#2 The Social Justice and Equity Fund will be used to implement the work of the Social Justice Committee, which is working on expanding equity and inclusion. This would include some combination of the following: building partnerships with community organizations, purchasing materials that reflect diversity, and supporting continued implementation of the Teaching Tolerance Anti-Bias Framework and Equity Literacy Framework.

The choices are:

OPTION A: KEEP IT EVEN! Put $6,100 in the Infrastructure Fund and $6,100 in the Social Justice and Equity Fund

OPTION B: WE LOVE FRESH PAINT AND RECESS! Put $8,134 in the Infrastructure Fund, and $4,066 in the Social Justice and Equity Fund

OPTION C: STAND UP FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE! Put $4,066 in the Infrastructure Fund, and $8,134 in the Social Justice and Equity Fund

The form will ask you to rank the options in order of preference, and add any comments.

*PS – We heard loud and clear that a lot of families are excited about a GaGa Ball Pit. This would need one or more parent champions to take the lead on planning and construction, working with Mr. Shea to decide on placement on the playground. Email us at if you are interested in helping to make this happen!

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