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Published on 2020-04-05 by crockerfarmpgo Uncategorized

ARPS Distance Learning Initiative: Internet Access for All Students

Students need internet access in their homes in order to fully benefit from the distance learning now being offered by our public schools in this time of crisis – but we know that about 100 families in our school district do not have the financial means to pay for it. We’re asking for your help in closing this gap as soon as possible.

With public schools closed at least until May 4th and quite possibly longer, the state is requiring school districts to provide distance learning opportunities to all students. Having no internet access at home is a major barrier to accessing this learning.

Based on this state mandate, and in support of the district’s equity goals, the ARPS district is loaning mobile wifi hotspots with monthly data plans to families unable to pay for them, as well as Chromebooks as needed, so that all students can fully participate in the District’s online classes and class meetings for as long as our schools remain closed.

This is an unexpected, unprecedented and critical need. This is why the Parent Guardian Organizations from EVERY school in Amherst are banding together to raise funds needed to defray the cost and support our K-12 students.  We know this is a difficult time financially and emotionally for many families. If you are able to contribute, here’s how you can help (all donations are tax deductible):

  • Sponsor a student by funding a mobile hotspot for at-home distance learning ($110)
  • Fund one month of wifi access for one family ($40)
  • Make a monthly, recurring donation to provide ongoing wifi access ($40/month)
  • Make a general donation
  • Help spread the word by sharing with your friends

Donations can be made online  

To donate by check, can be mailed to: Tracy Zafian, ARPS PGO Treasurer, 51 Blue Hills Road, Amherst, MA 01002. Please make checks out to ARPS PGO.

Rollout Schedule:

  • Week of March 30: Purchase 95 mobile hotspots
  • Week of April 6: Configure mobile hotspots per state law requirements
  • Week of April 13: Distribute mobile hotspots to families who do not currently have home wifi access

If you or someone you know needs assistance with obtaining wifi access, please contact Sasha Figueroa at or 413-351-7853. More information on ARPS’s Internet Access for All Students initiative is available in the Superintendent’s 4/3/2020 e-newsletter to families and at this FAQ doc:

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